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Terms & Conditions

Download the Terms & Conditions as a PDF File HERE

1. Package Price
All prices are subject to rate changes until full and final payment has been received. Snocomber reserves the right to adjust package component prices in accordance with increases in accommodation rates, transfers, ski hire, ski lessons and ski pass rates.

2. Not included in package prices
Prices quoted do not include Airfares, Travel insurance, costs of obtaining passports and visas, or any other items of a personal nature.

3. Reservations
A deposit of 30% of the total package price is payable within 5 working days of confirmation of the reservation. The balance owing on the invoice must be paid 8 weeks prior to arrival date in the resort. Snocomber reserves the right to cancel any reservation for which the total price has not been paid by due date in which event, the deposit will be forfeited to the company. Snocomber guarantees the price of land arrangements once full and final payment is received.

4. Cancellations and Amendments
In the event of passengers cancelling/amending their reservation for any reason, such cancellation/amendment must be made in writing and in such instances cancellation/amendment charges will be levied in accordance with the maximum charges, which can be imposed.

From the time of booking up to 6 weeks prior to departure, the deposit is forfeited, then:
4-5 weeks prior: 60 % total package price
3 weeks prior: 80 % total package price
Up to 20 days prior: 100 % total package price

5. Transfers
Our arrival and departure transfers commence and terminate on Saturdays only (unless specified for different package dates) from Munich airport for St.Johann and Zurich airport for Livigno. Our transfers depart from Munich airport no later than 13h00 (earlier if all passengers have arrived); transfers for Livigno depart Zurich airport no later than 11h00. Snocomber reserves the right to amend these timings should it wish to do so. Departures from all ski resorts will take place early on Saturday mornings so as to reach the respective airports prior to midday and the exact departure time will be advised during your stay in the resort, but this is approx. 07h00 from St.Johann and 05h00 from Livigno.  Any transfers missed for whatsoever reason, shall not be the responsibility of Snocomber and any travel arrangements made in respect thereof shall be for the passengers account. Flights missed due to traffic and / or weather conditions or for any reason whatsoever will not be the responsibility of Snocomber and expenses incurred in relation to this will be for the passengers account.

6. Accommodation
We reserve the right to change requested accommodation to that of a similar category or better.

7. Ski and other snow equipment
All ski and snow equipment is not insurable and are the passengers responsibility. Snocomber/Supplier thereof reserves the right to recover any losses incurred from the passenger. It is the passengers responsibility to return all ski equipment to the supplier thereof a day before departure from the resort. Snocomber does not give its employees the authority to accept responsibility for the return of ski equipment to the supplier thereof. The responsibility rests solely with the passenger.

8. Refunds and Unused Services
No refunds will be made for no-shows, or any unused services irrespective of whether they form part of the basic inclusive package price, or whether they are in respect of pre-booked optional arrangements.

9. Responsibility Clause
Transport, apartments, pensions, hotels, ski hires, ski lifts, ski schools and other services are not under the control of Snocomber, and we only act as agents for the supplier of these services. Therefore, Snocomber shall not in any way be liable as a principal to any person as a result of any act or omission on the part of such suppliers. Snocomber shall furthermore not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or any other irregularity that may be occasioned by the defect in any vehicle or other form of conveyance, including ski equipment and snowboards, or by error or default of any persons engaged in conveying passengers, carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or otherwise in connection therewith. The passengers shall not hold the company liable for any injury, damage, illness, accident, death or otherwise that may occur whilst on your holiday. The passenger undertakes to have adequate travel and medical insurance to cover any such events.

10. Delays
Snocomber does not hold itself responsible for any delays prior to departure or, during the course of any package whether brought about by any technical difficulties, strikes, weather conditions or any other circumstances whatsoever, whether foreseen or unforeseen. It is understood that any expenses relating to these unscheduled extensions (e.g.: hotels, meals, air fares, telephone calls, etc) will be for the passengers account.

11. Travel Documents
Documentation/travel vouchers are only prepared and issued on receipt of full and final payment as well as completed booking form and signed conditions to this contract. All passengers will be personally responsible for ensuring that they are in the possession of the correct documentation prior to their departure. Snocomber does not accept responsibility for any consequences whatsoever from a passenger failing to ensure that he or she has complied with the necessary health, passport and visa requirements.

12. Itinerary Alternatives
Snocomber reserves the right to cancel the package prior to arrival in the resort, in which event the entire package price paid by the passenger will be refunded without prejudice and any further obligation on the part of Snocomber. While every effort is made to keep to all itineraries, Snocomber reserves the right to make any changes. The duration of the tour may have to be extended or curtailed owing to unforeseen changes in transport schedules, etc. Any resultant expense will be borne by the passenger.

13. Passport, Visas, Vaccinations, Inoculations and re-entry permits
The responsibility to obtain correct, current and valid passports, required visas and vaccinations, is that of the passenger alone. Snocomber will not be held responsible or liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the passenger failing to ensure that he / she has complied with all such requirements.

14. Travel and Medical Insurance
We strongly advise passengers to take out Insurance against cancellation, curtailment, illness, loss of baggage, medical, personal liability and default at the time of booking as our terms and conditions will be strictly adhered to.

15. Contract
Once payment in whole or in part has been made by the passenger for a booking, the passenger shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein as applicable to the contract entered into between Snocomber and the passenger.

16. Emergency 24 Hour Contact Numbers abroad:


  • Snocomber & Local resort representative: +43 650 7669 001
  • Fire = 122
  • Police = 133
  • Mountain Search and Rescue = 140
  • Ambulance = 144


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